A Presentation on HR Analytics

  1. Seriously, you believe that the complexity of human relations can be driven by a quants approach – read the numerous foresight reports out there, efficiency is dead, it’s time for effectiveness and quants just can’t give us that insight. This is old news and flawed thinking.

  2. HI David,

    Thanks for your candid comment, it hits spot on. However, quants cannot implicitly be related to efficiency only, effectiveness can be measured too. Secondly, HR is mostly about the human aspect, analytics provides a value add on, it is not an all in all solution. The idea of this presentation is to demonstrate how analytics enables some of these programs in a much more organized manner. Numerous case studies second that as well….

  3. Sorry to disagree, but, as a lecturer on a postgrad HRD programme, I would hotly dispute the ability of a quants driven approach to convey the subjectivity associated with HR ‘effectiveness’ – a blended approach, no problem, but in social science (HR being part of that field), a purely quants driven approach to effectiveness…I really have a problem there.

    For example, HR quants driven dashboards can show that the optimum number of people that a manager should supervise is ‘X’ – However, it does not take into account capability: Manager ‘a’ might be capable of supervising X +3, but manager ‘b’ might only be capable of supervising X -3; it is all about effectiveness, insight (soft data), which you will not get from hard data – see Mintzberg for evidence.

    Also, moving onto Strategic HRD issues – the major foresight reports have demonstrated that efficiency driven HR management processes are a thing of the past – you could argue this according to the knowledge intensity of the host organisations, but the bottom line is that, in order to adapt to the demands of the Knowledge Economy, an efficiency driven approach will, in all probability, sound the death knell for an organisation in the mid-long term.

    I publish, blog and speak quite a lot on the human dimension of future competitive advantage, please take a look if you are interested.

  4. David,

    I totally agree with you on efficiency driven approach being outdated, that was the poster child measurement technique of the industrial age. Talent Analytic does not imply we are talking about efficiency, neither does quantitative analysis in itself imply any one school of thought. But analytic when used wisely and in context of other ‘subjective’ insights leads to a much more transparent, measurable, and manageable program.

    Example of Skandia’s Intellectual Capital Supplements are one such example. Social Computing and their adoption approaches has also indicated that by conducting social network analysis, we are able to understand topics like learning, motivation and influence factors with greater objectivity than a simple HR strategy drawn in the HR manager’s office.

    Its not the science of measurement that is at fault, it is at the end a tool in the hands of a fool or otherwise, choosing the right metrics to measure is the eventual trick.

    As for your example given, analytics has progressed beyond a simple rule to be applied to all. i.e. “Optimum # to Supervise”. Analytical models have been built to suggest recommendations upto an individual level already.

    And even then, it is upto the user of this information to make a holistic judgement considering subjective and external factors as well.

    I see analytics as a very important and required enable for strategic HR, especially under economic downturn when cost justification is ever more difficult.

    My two cents…
    PS: Interestingly, I am already an avid reader of your blog prior to this discussion. Do visit the Middle East again, would be great to hang out.

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