Recommended Reading:

Business Intelligence:

1. How to create and grow a dynamic business intelligence team – Maureen Clarry

2. What is Master Data?

3. What a a Data Warehouse is not

4. Tracking the Elusive Key Performance Indicator

5. Eight Levels of Analytics

6. Being Agile vs Doing Agile

7. Not All In-Memory Analytics Tools are Created Equal

8. Its an Analytical World

Machine Learning

1. Turing’s Club for Machine Learning – Machine Learning (Theory)

2. Top 10 Algorithms in Data Mining

3. The Discipline of Machine Learning – Tom Mitchell

Predictive Analytics

1. Data Requirements for Advanced Analytics

2. TDWI Q&A: Look Internally for Data Mining Success
Data Integration

1. Architecture Patterns for Data Syncrhonization

2. The 38 Subsystems of ETL

3. Data Profiling for all the Right Reasons

Enterprise Performance Management

1. A Mind Map Exercise to Trigger KPI Engagement

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