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ActiveSync Alternative for Linux

Windows Mobile based gadgets use the elusive ActiveSync protocol which Microsoft hasnt released yet for public use. However, for me to get my O2 XDA Cosmo (HTC Excalibur s620, T-Mobile DASH etc) to run on my Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbons, it wasnt a trivial choice as I had to choose between several promised but incomplete and buggy open source tools. Until I came across SynCE, another oper source alternative, things were gloomy.

It wasnt as trivial to get SynCE going as well due to various library conflicts and an inability for me to properly configure my firewall to allow a Remote NDIS based connectivity between the SynCE tools and the device. However, thanks to this guide, major things were resolved, I however, chose minor alternatives when choosing my source files to get it going for my device.

For me, usb-rndis didnt work, but the newer version usb-rndis-lite did.
For some reasons, GnomeVFS 0.11 still doesnot work for my device, however I tried the GnomeVFS 0.10 as recommended on SynCE website to finally enable Nautilus to recognize my device contents as a remote site.

I am still unable to actually sync anything between Thunderbird and this device. There is a possibility to hack Multisync to synchronize the above two but thats for later….