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How to fix 3G and Phone issues in Mobily for HTC Devices

While using certain HTC devices over Mobily (Saudi Arabia), users are not able to send or receive phone calls or SMS when using 3G. They usually receive Missed Call Notifications only.

Phone calls and SMS work only when 3G is turned off. This is because of two reasons. Mobily does not automatically set the baud rate of the device. And secondly, most HTC devices like the Kaiser come with 3.6 HSDPA which Mobily doesn’t recognize.

In order to use both Telephony and 3G data services simultaneously, do the following:

1. Under Advanced Phone Settings, Disable both HSDPA and HSUPA. Goto tab: CSD LineType, choose Data Rate 38400 bps (1.10) or later, connection element: Non_Transparent.

2. Under Phone Settings, Goto tab: Band, Choose Network WCDMA, and select Band for GSM/UMTS: UMTS (2100) + GSM(900+1800).

You should be able to enjoy 3G on HTC devices using Mobily.