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The KM Oxymoron, Misnomers and tautologies


In the word of Oxymorons and Misnomers, we have a whole field filled with one.Our field!Knowledge Management.

Simply because Knowledge Cannot Be Managed !

Says This guy

and this guy

and also this guy

oh, this guy too


How can a Practice be Best? Isn’t time infinite, isn’t there ANY room for improvement? Maybe the environment in which the (best) practice operates is evolved and the so called best practice isn’t best anymore? I’d say, if a practice has truly become a best practice, then it means we need to innovate, as this practice has reached the end of its life and can value no more. Instead, i’d rather use the term ‘Good Practice’, a practice is good but it can always be better but of course, not best 😉

Coming back to our oxymoron and misnomers, here’s a last one for the day.


A ‘Lesson’ already entails something that has to be learned. Now, when we say a Lesson Learned, we are saying that the reader or person who participated in the lesson has now received the knowledge transfer. But in Knowledge Management, the lessons learned are given to teach the lesson itself…..Should the phrase be called ‘Lessons To be Learned’ instead? What do you think?