Article++: (Leadership by Strategy Execution – Palladium Group)

This is a brief synopsis of an excellent article by Palladium Group, arguably the home of Balanced Scorecarding. Here is my summary.

Its a statement of manifesto by Palladium about their belief in the single most important requirement for (a successful) strategy execution:

A Visionary and Effective Leadership

These leaders:

1. Consider Strategy Execution as their Job.

They are directly involved and actively participate in the activities required to execute the strategy, rather than just delegating them.

2. Have keen understanding of the process of change.

They have the ability to motivate and create a shared vision of the organization by winning hearts and minds of people. They create the impetus for change.

3. Take Decision Accelerating.

Change can be either incremental or transformational, they know when to take one of the approach.

4. Stay the Course

Focus is important, shows commitment and embrace resistance by engagement rather than compromising or confrontations.

5. Put a Premium on Communication

Transparency is key.Their shared vision is highly communicative (and collaborative) and it empowers people.

6. Delegate Roles with Responsibilities and Authorities

They create roles and ensure these roles have the right set of authorities for actions and decision making. Later on, they develop a proper system for accountability for each such role.

7. Avoid Shortcuts, Support Process Development

They know the power of creating robust processes for +ve change for strategy execution and do not rely on adhoc and quick fixes.

8. Plan and Budget for Strategy Execution:

They treat strategy execution as an investment of time and resources which will bear fruit. They appoint the right change agents and assign them roles to fulfill.

9. Analyze the right information

They make information driven decision making by employing good systems of governance, conduct frequent management reviews and create key strategic performance indicators.

10. Are open minded and flexible in behavior

They are continuous learners and encourage a direct feedback for their own performance improvement and insight.


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