LBDN – The Look Busy Do Nothing Attitude

We all go to work, 9-5, 8-6 or in some cases 9 to “as long as the boss is around”. Whatever!

We all apparently sweat in the efforts, commitments are made, and lets face it, besides the couple of genuine losers around, everybody really likes to do well for himself/herself or for his/her

company. Its an achievement motivated, hope oriented and energy creating concept we all have to embrace to make ends meet.

Nevertheless, not all companies and not all people achieve success or accomplish many goals. Besides general bad luck, stiff competition, inappropriate environment yadda yadda is what I call the LBDN factor.

Look Busy – Do Nothing, its an attitude….voluntary and involuntary.

We have many faces of LBDN:

1. Lets Do Meetings Folks:

Whether you admit it or not, meetings are actually one of the factors for underachievement for many teams which are result oriented and are usually on strict deadlines.

Too many people, or rather too many nonparticipative people fight their way for a divine time slot which provides the ultimate meetings with all faces present.

However, there is no direct relationship between decisions being reached and number of meetings or even better, better decisions being made to number of meetings. Decision Theory puts a lot of emphasis on analysis prior to meetings and having the right tools and information in the hands of a properly defined decision maker to produce better decisions.

Value chains are more important than organizational hierarchies and meetings are usually overwhelmed by the latter.

2. Lets Arrange Appointments:
This is a common problem with teams like Sales and Pre-Sales, without really having a sense of the situation, people fall in the trap in executing a strictly predefined process from sales generation to sales closure. This is common in many industries where typically the products are services sold require advanced skill sets and niche focus. Here the Sales or Pre-Sales tend to disfranchise themselves from the actual products and services and invest their efforts in the process only.

Sales team meets potential client, potential client out of courtesy says “good presentation”, sales team is overjoyed, creates unnecessary hype, CRM systems are updated, and a chain of meetings,

presentations, demos, POCs and followups proceed before finally realizing the deal wasn’t there, the client was least interested in real economic terms.

Sometimes you have to hold your ear from the other hand to bring business!

3. Lets Take Printouts:
Ah, one of the most conventional LBDN activities, the guy who parades around the corporate printer for his documents, gets the stapler in hand to save some seconds once the printouts are ready, scratches his head, appears extremely concerned about the ink quantity and puts a very serious face. Makes the rest of the employees passing by realize how important his/her printouts are!

This person usually has a very cluttered desk,the person is difficult to grab for an appointment and has a mysterious awe about him/her.

C’mon seriously, who are you kidding?

4. The RWA guy/gal (Voluntary):

RWA is what I call, “Responsibility Without Authority”. Although this subject is pretty vast in itself, just a quick reference to it that it can be both Voluntary or involuntary. Many organizations fall in the trap of giving away responsibilities to employees for decision making but fail to provide them the necessary authority to execute and drive their responsibilities. This happens usually in orgs. where there is no clearly defined separation of roles, or orgs with a highly bureaucratic org. charts without defined KRAs (Key Result Areas).

The RWA guy/gal – voluntary is one who actually does not really understand what he is doing in the team or company. He/She does not have a clearly defined KRA and his management at times seek activities not under his job description. This person seeks out to take initiatives on his/her own without any visibility or recognition or even authority to do so. The initiatives are usually misaligned with the corporate strategies or are totally redundant. The person does not realize that all the efforst he/she is putting is going to waste since its a dead end, yes folks a DEAD END!

5. “You Know what Happened” Gossips:

Its good to develop good healthy relationships between coworkers but what really happens at coffee corners or around the water dispenser are company gossips. Really, Grow up People and get back to work! It distracts people from their own work/relationships with the company, distracts focus, create false impressions about others and breaks teams apart. Here is where Geeks reign supreme, they hardly do people talk, most of the time, gossips is related to whats hot and whats not in the market, or discussion a really cool solution to a very difficult problem.

There are many forms of LBDN, the idea is to diagnose the symptoms asap. Think about the Agile Manifesto, flat organizational structures, and office collaboration software/social networking to be more pragmatic, proactive and productive.

Enjoy work, work less, get better work results!

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