Wacky Week of IT

I have been computing for the last 13 hours and right now my mind is going bizzurk. In a news that took my attention, SAP  is planning to acquire Business Objects, yippee!!! I love this company coz its German, no more America Number 1 in Software as long as SAP makes them run harder. Recently they have become pretty smart, the move to make a deal with Microsoft paid off well. and now as I am about to write my master thesis in data mining at SAP’s largest research center, the news of SAP going BI materializes by this acquisition. Earlier Hyperion was acquired by Oracle and Microsoft is in the game too. As far as im in BI and im backing up SAP, this is a great news. But what worries me is that Oracle already has a strong data mining software so Hyperion, more into reporting and integration does them fine. As for SAP, Bussiness Objects is just a basic BI suite, no fancy predictive analytics or other data mining goodies around. Maybe they are into acquiring data mining rising stars or they r looking forward to release a few surprises when they release the new reborn SAP, written from the ground up….again!

On another news this time, Some bloggers are spamming that Microsoft goes open source with .NET 3.5, had it been true, would have been the greatest news of the decade. The thought that came which was besides being naive was also the first one was that the Mono community will get a booost here, no booze for the Redmond laddies but it turned out fake. Microsoft is slick enough not to make that move….just yet. Its a season of licensing and as the GPLv3 hits the roads, developers are moaning already. It so intimidating that Google Inc. announced (or rather rumored…) that they r about to release their own license whcih will free developers from all the legalities of innovating. The Microsoft’s version of license, they call Microsoft Reference License only allows them to use it to debug, and a few other productivity things, NO sharing and NO community stuff, still hiding thier paintings….

Oh ya, what am I talking about, its Whaky week of IT, everyone is doing hot stuff but apparently someone stole 13 hard drives from one of our ministries, how lame, or rather how laymanish…..can’t find the source again, thats right now, im too sleeepyyyy….

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